Windscreen cutting system

Part no. 622

Windscreen cutting system


The windscreen cutting system from HBC system is used to remove glued-in windscreens from vehicles without using cutting blades or metal wire. As the tool is powered using a rechargeable electric screwdriver (not included as part of the kit), it does not require much expenditure of force.


In order to cut through the adhesive bead around the windscreen, the kit makes use of the specially designed high-tensile cutting wire (Part no. 623). This removal wire has a cutting performance that is similar to standard metal cutting cords, but is so soft and flexible that it avoids any damage to the paintwork of the vehicle.


The tool is constructed in such a way that the tool only needs to be repositioned four times to remove the windscreen and the tool does not need to be modified during the process.


•  Time-saving

•  Can be operated by one person

•  Powered by electric screwdriver

•  Simple and quick operation

•  Where permissible the interior

   fittings can remain in place

•  Avoids any damage to the

   paint and body work

•  No re-spray necessary

•  Clean, even cut

•  Reduced risk of injury to

   the installer



Weight3500 g


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