4-in-1 Upgrade for D-Pro G6 – Windscreen Repair Device

Part no. 617G6up

4-in-1 Automated Windscreen Upgrade! This device makes it easier than ever to professionally repair windscreen stone chips. The ultimate upgrade for our D-Pro G6 windscreen repair system.

Most glass repair technicians experience less than perfect repairs – costing time and money. The new 4-in-1 repair device not only improves the overall repair process, but it also greatly reduces any margin of error. Every step is built into a single, compact, mobile, easy to use device. The device sets up quickly over the chip and each repair step is just a quick turn of the device – simple, fast, and complete.

All-in-one device

1. Injector
2. Heating
3. Cooling
4. Curing


Technical overview

01.  Resin Injection – where the resin is filled and pressure is applied.
02.  Suction Cup Lever – secure and release the suction cup from the windshield.
03.  Heat Lever – raises and lowers the heating tool from the glass / repair area.
04.  USB Charging Port – Conveniently charge the lithium battery with incl. cable.
05.  LED Display – shows temperatures and timer countdowns.
06.  Indicator Light – Indicates if the display is showing temperature or time.
07.  UV Light Button – curing the resin with the UV Light.
08.  Power Button – Turn the device On and Off.
09.  Heat Button – Activate the heat function of the tool to remove moisture.
10.  Support Leg – Adds stabilization when the device is attached to the windshield.

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