UV Paint Dryer lamp without timer/stand – 385nm

Part no. 437-UV

UV with its very fast drying times, is an ideal solution for curing paints, varnishes and other specialist coatings. Unlike more conventional methods, UV can dry coatings in a matter of minutes.

These fast-drying times help to ensure a more consistent finish across the substrate, as dust and other foreign objects have less opportunity to contaminate the coating.

In addition to fast drying times, Ultraviolet emits minimal heat this means that it can be used on materials that are heat sensitive such as fabrics, plastics and woods.

Tests conducted using paints from one of the worlds leading manufacturers show this dryer is ideal for use with aerosol based spray paints.

Paint drying via Ultraviolet continues to grow in popularity due to its many benefits.

The UV Paint Dryer from HBC SYSTEM uses 20 ultraviolet LEDS within the lamp.

The predicted lamp life for the unit is 40,000 hours with a power consumption of only 48 watts.

With the low power consumption and long lamp life, this product is not only environmentally friendly it will also provide cost savings to the user.

Although the paint dryer is designed to be handheld, we are also able to offer a stand to enable hands-free operation. The mounting bracket on the stand can be adjusted so that the dryer can be positioned at the correct height. In addition, the dryer has a 45-degree tilting bracket, which allows the direction to be adjusted up or down to the desired angle.


Included As Standard

  • Paint Drying Unit
  • Handle With Antislip Rubber Grip
  • On/Off Rocker Switch On Handle


  • Digital Timer
  • Floor Stand
Weight8000 g

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