Paint Mixing Cup system – 750 ml – 48 pcs kit

Part no. NPS750

Paint Mixing Cup system in 750 ml size, the includes 48 pcs, and soft inner cup, a threaded ring, lid w / filter + stop


Fix the ring into the hard cup. Position the liner into the ring.

Pour the paint into the liner & mix the paint with the mixing bar. Remove mixing bar. Do not wipe excess paint off on the ring.

Place the lid on top of the hard cup and turn it: 1. twice to the left – listen for the CLICK 2. once to the right. Fold down the 2 safety clips, the system is now sealed.

Fix the spray gun on top of the hard cup. Clip the safety locks onto the paint gun adapter.*

For ease of use when using the 250ml & 750ml kit, remove the hard cup before spray. You are now ready to paint.

Put the liner back into the hard cup and secure the clips. Pull trigger to release any paint left inside the gun. Unclip the gun from the cup & push storage cap on to seal.

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