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System E1 – Complete Caravan repair system

HBC system has successfully designed & developed a specialist repair system which has been rigorously tested and now features a world-wide patent.

Traditionally damaged panels (normally the whole side of the vehicle), would have to be replaced which is hugely expensive and very time consuming for the insurer, repairer and owner. Now specially designed vacuum equipment, templates and unique mouldmaker provide a perfect match to original smooth or contoured surfaces. This system is capable of repairing major damage on aluminium panels.

“Why replace the whole side of a caravan just because of a dent? It is not only time-consuming but also very expensive…” 

For caravans, mobilehomes and trailers

E1 Caravan Repair System

The Aluminium repair system is for structured/textured panels and surfaces. Suitable for caravans, mobilehomes & trailers and other structured aluminum materials and surfaces. The system also works on relief panels on gates, furniture, garages, buildings and vehicles or any surface of a similar design.

Most caravans, motorhomes or trailers feature structured panels made from a sandwich design with a layer of hard plastic or wood as the innermost layer, an insulating foam panel in the middle and a textured aluminum plate as the outer layer. The primary task of the structure is to make the aluminum sheet more resistant to shocks and to compensate for minor irregularities. Damage can be caused by extreme weather conditions, hail etc or incidental annoying accidents or vandalism, on campsites, during transit or at home.


Type of Repairs
Scratches and bumpers on structured/textured aluminum panels

Max. size of repair:
Caravan panels; 70 x 18 cm,
depending on the type of damage


Time of Repairs (avg.)
30-180 min.
Depending on repair type & skill level

How the system works

With the specialist repair process, an exact copy of the surface design or pattern is taken from an undamaged part of the panel using the patented vacuum tool, templates and mouldmaker. The mould is then transferred to the damaged area where the special E-Filler is injected, leaving a surface structure which corresponds exactly to the original panel. After the material hardens, the borders are sanded and the repair area is powder blasted using a specialist granulate E-Powder. The repair area is now ready for primer and painting.

Caravan Training is key!

Training is a vital part of doing skilled Caravan Repairs – whether it is a specialist training, learning the fundamentals or just keeping yourself up to date with our new equipment, developments and repair techniques, proper training is key.

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