Caravan Trolley Master

Part no. 652

Caravan Trolley Master. E1, Caravan spot repair, Upgrade, Plastic polish, Plastic welding & Ozone

Caravan Trolley Master

With the HBC patented Caravan Repair System for the first time panels, motorhomes and trailers can be restored to their original condition – quickly and cost-effective.

Normally, damaged panels would have to be replaced in an expensive and time-consuming process. Now, the HBC designed vacuum equipment templates and unique mouldmaker provide a perfect match to original smooth contoured surfaces.

The included B6 Plastic Welding System allows you to repair hard and flexible plastic, both interieur and exterior pat, bumbers as well as other plastic components.

Utilizing the patented UV-C & Ozone Technology you can permanently eliminate and remove any unpleasant odors from the caravan without using any chemicals.

Lease your SMART Repair Trolley...

Our Caravan Trolley Master includes the following systems:

  • System E: Complete caravan dent repair system
  • System E: Caravan sport repair system
  • System E: Upgrade system E caravan repair
  • System E: Plastic polish system
  • System B6: Plastic welding system
  • System H: Air cleaning system
  • Packed in a strong, lockable, 6-tray steel cabinet on wheels which make it very easy to move around in the workshop area
Weight120000 g


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