Non-touch Wash / Auto shampoo

Part no. 590-87

Non-touch Wash Auto shampoo contains ingredients that loosen dirt and dust from the car’s paint without the need to treat the car with a brush or sponge. It’s very simple!

Mixing ratio: 1:20

Non-touch Wash / Auto shampoo

Can you wash a car without using brushes or without even touching the car? The answer is YES – with Non-touch Wash Auto shampoo washing a car is easier, faster, and better than ever before. And the resulting finish is pristine. The product is extremely effective and can easily be diluted if you want this. You can use it for all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, trailers, caravans, and even boats!


01  Fill Auto shampoo into foam gun
02  Spray on the vehicle
03  Leave on for 2 minutes
04  Rinse off from below and continue up, with your high-pressure cleaner (feel free to take one section at a time)
05  Rinse off any remaining foam  …and you’re done!

Note must not be used in direct sunlight.

The product is available in 20L or 200L.

The product can be supplied as a concentration and can be diluted up to 1:25 with water.

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