Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Non-touch)

Part no. 590-22

Non-touch Alloy Wheel Cleaner contains ingredients that loosen dirt and break dust without the need to treat the car with a brush or sponge. It’s very simple, and it is acid-free!

Alloy Wheel Cleaner (Non-touch)

Acid-free cleaning agent for all alloy and steel rims. Removes even the most stubborn dirt quickly and easily from chrome-plated and polished rims. With maximum surface protection, the rim regains its new appearance in no time. Guaranteed not to attack the rim surface or wheel bolts. With an innovative power indicator, that turn color once the product is ready to wash off!

The product can come as a concentration and can be diluted with up to 1:10 with water.

How to use it?


  1. Spray a layer of rim cleaner onto the rim
  2. Let it work for 2-3 minutes, or until the color indicator turns our logo COLOR (purple)
  3. Rinse with plenty of water
  4. Repeat if necessary until the rim is completely clean

Note do not use the product in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces

The product is available in 20L or 200L.

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