Wheel Paint Mixing System

Part no. WP300

This cutting-edge OEM Wheel Color Mixing System transforms the alloy wheel refinishing process. Featuring a custom-designed palette of 20 base colors, it delivers an impressive spectrum of 89 precisely matched OEM wheel paint colors.

It eliminates color mismatches or having to paint both wheels on the same side of a car for a perfect match. The Wheel Paint Mixing System guarantees flawless results with every application.

Exact OEM Color Matching: Our colors are meticulously calibrated to meet the precise specifications of top vehicle manufacturers.

20 Base Colors, 89 Unique OEM Colors

Where Precision Meets Innovation: Rest assured, the shades we produce flawlessly match the original OEM wheels. This extensive palette of 20 base colors enables you to create an incredible variety of 89 OEM-matched wheel paint colors. This unmatched versatility allows you to cover a wide spectrum of customers.

Introducing the Wheel Color Mixing App—Your Solution for Precise color mixing without guesswork or overly complex color schemes.

The Wheel Paint Mixing System is supplied with our Mixing App, simplifying the mixing process and delivering precise measurements for individual and cumulative mixtures. It also features a comprehensive library of digital and real color mixture visuals for effortless reference.

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Base 01WP1Fine Aluminium
Base 02WP2Fine Bright Aluminium
Base 03WP3Medium Aluminium
Base 04WP4Coarse Aluminium
Base 05WP5Chrome Aluminium
Base 06WP6Ultra Fine Aluminium
Base 07WP7Metallic Base
Base 08WP8Flop Control
Base 09WP9Strong Black
Base 10WP10Strong Blue
Base 11WP11Violet​
Base 12WP12Strong White​
Base 13WP13Weak White​
Base 14WP14Vivid Red​
Base 15WP15Clear Red​
Base 16WP16Opaque Lemon​
Base 17WP17Clear Yellow​
Base 18WP18Ochre Yellow​
Base 19WP19Weak Blue​
Base 20WP20Clear White​

The WP Wheel Paint System is available in three convenient product configurations, ensuring there's an option tailored exactly to your needs.

Available in
250 ml or 1 liter containers

WP300 - Wheel Paint Mixing System

The comprehensive mixing system designed to simplify and streamline your wheel painting process.

WP600 - Wheel Paint Mixing Trolley

The ultimate solution for on-the-go painting, this trolley includes a spray gun and aerosol options, offering flexibility and convenience.

998v2 - Alloy Wheel Paint System (Solvent)

Specifically formulated for alloy wheels, this system provides impeccable results with solvent-based paints.

Weight5000 g
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