System B3 for scan

Part no. 826S

System B3 Scan – Color mixing system for plastic, leather and vinyl. Works with part no. 00.912 & part no. 00.913

Complete system B3 Aqua for Scan

for all soft, hard, and flexible materials such as leather, fabric, vinyl, plastic, and glass fibre.

The colour tint is defined by colour swatch and the online colour formulation book is available for free download. All colors and glosses give a beautiful surface that makes this system one of the favorites for service mechanics working with the repair of plastics.


Type of Repairs
Re-painting damaged area of plastic, leather and vinyl interior and exterior components.


Number of Repairs (avg.)
25-30 cm


Number of Repairs (avg.)
Approx. 250
depending on damage size and condition


Time of Repairs (avg.)
25-35 min.
Depending on repair type & skill level

B3 Scan // Colour mixing system for scanning.

System B3 Scan is a colour mixing system for fast and easy colour matching for leather and vinyl.

The colour tint is defined by a colour scanning and the system works perfect with the CAPSURE (small handheld colour scanner).

System content:

  • 00.918 Orange Scan colour
  • 00.919 Pure green Scan colour
  • 00.920 Black scan colour
  • 00.921 Blue scan colour
  • 00.922 Brown scan colour
  • 00.923 Caramel scan colour
  • 00.924 Dark brown scan colour
  • 00.925 Gold yellow scan colour
  • 00.926 Green scan colour
  • 00.927 Red scan colour
  • 00.928 White scan colour
  • 00.929 Yellow scan colour
  • 00.930 Bordeaux scan colour
  • 00.931 Violet scan colour
  • 00.932 Red violet scan colour
  • 00.933 Opacante A scan colour
  • 00.934 Matt fix scan colour
  • 00.935 Gloss fix scan colour
  • 00.936 Leather prep scan colour
  • 00.938 Scan hardener
  • 00.152 Vinyl wash / prep scan colour
  • 00.288 Pipette 3.5 ml. scan colour
  • 00.656 Complete Foam System Box
Weight7500 g


Exp date: