Magnetic and PDR tool System 16 kit

Part no. 13981

System G16 – Magnetic and PDR tool system, Magnetic PDR, Whale tail & Flatbar bendable

System Contents

An essential training tool for PDR technicians. A steel tracer ball on top of the panel follows the tip wherever it goes which makes it much easier to find the exact location of the tip of the tool.


The training of eye-hand coordination is one of the most difficult exercises when training Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Trainees often spend several hours or days before they can find the exact location of the tip of the tool. 

Guaranteed Quality!

We are one of the ONLY manufacturers that stand behind our PDR tools with a LIFETIME Warranty!

Our PDR tools are tested and homologated by leading car manufacturers and PDR technicians around the world.

Tool designs and quality are setting the industry standards.

Made in Denmark!

Our PDR production line uses several different kinds of high carbon steel qualities to produce our PDR tools, and multiple quality control tests have determined that our material exceeds the stainless steel tools in strength.

The process of the heat treated  PDR tools has been developed over years and is the highest quality in the world. Labs and PDR technicians all over the world have performed millions of quality tests in order to ensure a production of the highest quality possible.


How we manufacture our PDR tools?

PDR tool
Raw high quality steel
Quality control of the steel
Fully automated machine cutting of the tips
Each tool is machine bent according to angle
The PDR tool is heat treated to approx. 440-540 degrees
Manual quality control
Hand and machine polished
Ergonomic grip is applied
Grip is hardened by heating to 160 degrees
Manual quality control
The PDR tool is now ready for shipping
Weight10000 g


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