Led PDR dent lamp

Part no. 440-1

LED Dent lamp on stand incl. remote

The huge variety of paint colors on vehicles nowadays require an adjustment of the light needed to make the inspection of the dented panels of the car.


Light colored panels can be difficult to check when using a standard PDR lamp with white light. To that end HBC system is introducing a new high-end PDR lamp.
The main feature about this revolutionary PDR lamp is the possibility to adjust the intensity of the light as well as the color by remote control!
The lamp is 80 cm long, and it is mounted on a high-end adjustable frame. The lamp can be powered by battery* or the attached cable (cigarette lighter socket). When battery-powered* you won’t have any wires around your workshop and it’s easy to use on parking lots.

• Adjustable colours / intensity by remote control

• Wireless PDR lamp stand

• Available as a complete PDR lamp including stand or a separate unit



* Battery is not included. The lamp is powered by a standard 12V rechargeable battery which can be purchased in your local hardware store.


Weight14000 g

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