Glue Gun

Part no. 13977

This glue gun with hot glue makes any PDR job quick and easy.

Power: 40 watts.
Temperature: 175 ° C – As the Glue Sticks

How to use the Glue Gun?

1. Plug the glue gun in the power outlet
2. Insert a Glue Sticks in the gun.
3. Wait approximately 5 minutes for the glue to heat up.
4. Press the trigger to apply the glue.

5. Insert a new Glue Stick when the first one has been used up.
6. Unplug the glue stick when you have finished using it.

Safety instructions
1. Fit the holder before plugging the glue gun in.
2. Hot glue can cause burns. Never touch hot glue.
3. Always wear safety goggles.
4. Never attempt to cool the glue gun down using liquid.

Allow it to cool down using air only.
5. Always ensure there is good ventilation around the glue gun when using it.


The first time you use the glue gun you must use two glue sticks.

Download the manual on multiple languages here.

Weight210 g
Dimensions17 × 15 × 5 cm
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