Dual X2 resin

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The dual x2 windscreen resin is specially developed for bulls-eye, star cracks and longer windscreen cracks, and to work in conjunction with our vacuum injector.

Dual X2 resin for windscreen stone chips

The windscreen Resin is specifically designed to be low viscosity, giving it excellent flow characteristics and allows the windshield resin to flow into all the hairline cracks.

The result is a strong and clear crack repair, while at the same time preserving a high flexibility to compensate for the contraction and expansion of the windscreen during everyday weather patterns.

It also helps to prevent further cracking of the windshield by stabilizing the damaged area.

Fast windscreen stone chip repair

The typical amount of windscreen resin used for a star and bulls-eye damage is 0,2 ml per repair, and if the windscreen resin is used with our powerful windscreen resin curing uv led lamp, it is possible to cure it in 30 seconds.

Dual X2 Windscreen Resin Benefits

  • Low Viscosity windscreen resin with excellent flow
  • windscreen resin Optimized for vacuum injection
  • windscreen resin Excellent for star, bulls-eye and long cracks
  • Clear and strong finish
  • Fastest curing time with our uv led lamp <30sec
  • Stabilizes and seals the damaged area
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