2 days Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) training course (system G)

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For you?
The training is intended for employees at body shops, refurbishment companies, car dealers, car rental or leasing services, etc.

Training location: HBC Training Academy, Støvring, Denmark.


Everything is easy - if you know how to to it

Want to learn the craftsmanship of PDR? 2 days of training gets you started in the world of Paintless Dent Removal and enables you to make inexpensive repairs of small dents without having to repaint the car – preserving the original paint.

Find more information about the our G system HERE


After completing the course successfully, you will get a personal certificate.


The training processes
The training is both theoretical and practical. The trainer shows you a repair, and afterwards you will practice the various repair methods on various materials.


2 days. We start at 8.15 a.m. and finish at 4.00 p.m.

Training information

Location: HBC Training Academy
Hobrovej 961-963, DK-9530 Stoevring, Denmark.

Initial training is carried out on sections of body panels. In the specialist training program, which is recommended to follow after the training and the required exercises, repairs are carried out on “Live” vehicles to ensure a very high standard of finish and technical expertise.

Practical information

Lunch is included. Coffee, tea and water is available throughout the day.

We recommend you wear regular work clothes or casual clothes – you will be working with the different glues and repair techniques.

No need to bring your own tools. We train you in the specific Smart Repair tool product range and all required tools will be at your disposal.

When having attended an HBC training, you always have the possibility of calling your trainer for follow-up questions. Make sure to get your trainers contact information when attending the training.

Fore more practical information, check our web page HERE.


14.01.2021 – 15.01.2021, 04.03.2021 – 05.03.2021

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