System C Aqua

Part no. 534

System C Aqua – Spot repair system, repair time less then one hour.


Spot Repair is your professional system for cost-efficient repairs of cosmetic damage to the finish. You and your customers will benefit equally

Mix all colours of car paint with maximum accuracy.

The system is built up from approximately 90 colours covering everything from mother-of-pearl, metallic, and other effect-dyes.

With our Spot repair system C Aqua, you can make a smart repair with high quality in no time.

With our Paint Color Matching Software, you’ll have direct access to our entire mixing formula database.

The database contains over 200 mixing formulas, giving access to more than 100 colors. It even provides variants of the requested color for badly oxidized or aging paint.

Our Color Match Software is updated four times a year at no additional cost and contains all the MSDS information and safety data sheets for all paint chemicals and toners. As technology changes, so will The HBC system C – Paint Repair Systems.

Easy to mix and spray

A scratch on your bumper, no problem in just one hour it looks like new again.

After you have sprayed the color you simply have to apply our 2K clearcoat and use the fade thinner in the transition from the new paint to the old one.

The right products all the way

Highbuild primer – First and foremost, primer helps the paint adhere to bare metal. Equally as important, paint primer helps prevent rust and moisture damage.

Clearcoat 2K – One advantage is that the coat provides protection from the sun and ultraviolet rays that cause the car paint to fade

Fade thinner – To get a good crossing from the new paint to the old one. This makes it easy to polish afterwards.


Type of Repairs
Repair of painted panels / components e.g. paint chips, small scratches, bumper corners, mirror covers, chipped door edges, paint scratches, clear coat chips & scuffs.


Max. Size of Repairs
Hand size (A4)


Number of Repairs (avg.)
Approx. 400
depending on damage size and condition


Time of Repairs (avg.)
40-60 min.
Depending on repair type & skill leve

Weight 12860 g


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