Aqua Spot – Paint

  • 250ml
  • 60ml

Do you need more paint? No problem we have it.

All the different colors for ours system C in 60ml or 250ml bottles


250ml, 60ml


White, Ultra fine white, Trace white, Micro white, Trace blue black, Graphite black, Blue black, Deep black, Black, Fast blue, Blue, Transparent blue, Bright blue, Rich blue, Trace blue, Verdant blue, Phthalo green, Transparent green, High strength blue, Olive, Yellow oxide, Trace yellow oxide, Brilliant yellow, Permanent yellow, Warm yellow, Yellow, Verdant yellow, Transparent golden yellow, High strength transparent green, High strength phthalo green, Transparent red, Brilliant orange, Red, Salmon red, Red oxide, Magenta, Rose, Organic maroon, Trace red oxide, Carmine, Brown, Violet, Bordeaux, Transparent magenta, Bright red, Bright Red, Russet, Extra fine white pearl, Fine white pearl, White perl, Bright Red perl, Fine Blue perl, Blue pearl, Green pearl, Kobber Perl, Blue-green pearl, Yellow pearl, Golden yellow pearl, Fine red pearl, Fine red pearl, Bright red pearl, Red pearl, Orange pearl, Violet red pearl, Violet pearl, Pearl copper, Extra Fine Metalic, Fine Lenticular metal, Medium metal, Fine metalic, Medium Lentcular metalic, Corce Lentcular metalic, Extra Corse metallic, Coarse Silver Dollar metallic, Extra fine aluminium, Ultra fine lenticular aluminium, Medium aluminium, Fine aluminium, Extra fine lenticular aluminium, Fine lenticular aluminium, Very coarse lenticular aluminium, Medium aluminium gold

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